Myth #3: Consumers are confused by percentages.

Reality Check:  The Australian Food and Grocery Council focus group research indicated that a wide range of main grocery buyers are able to understand percentages, and do so on a daily basis with other shopping items.

Governments have not focussed on daily energy and nutrient needs, preferring instead to address foods eaten in terms of serves per day; e.g. the message about aiming for 2 and 5 serves of fruit and vegetables respectively.

Unfortunately, there has been little explanaition of what a reasonable/acceptable portion of each type of food is - portions and serves mean very different things to different people.

To assist with the understanding of percent Daily Intakes, the Australian Food and Grocery Council developed the Daily Intake Guide website in collaboration with leading nutritionists and the Dieticians Association of Australia to provide consumer friendly advice on how to use the information presented in the on-pack daily intake thumbnail presentation.